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One of the ways to boost your modest income is to sign up for class action lawsuits. So far, I have made $200 entering into class action lawsuits. Remember, to  only sign up for those class actions that you qualify for. Another hard lesson learned is that once you sign up to be in one, remember to follow up on it. For instance, I was part of a class action lawsuit for GAP insurance. Since I had paid off my car early, I should not have had to pay for the full GAP insurance, well I paid full price. Someone started a class action lawsuit. I was to get over $180 for being a class action member. Well, I had moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address. It wasn’t until I was unpacking some boxes that I came across the GAP Insurance information. It was too late 😦  I lost out on $180 because I didn’t stay on top of things!

Sharper Image Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit Settlement:

It’s been over three years since Sharper Image went bankrupt, but there’s good news for consumers who held on to their Sharper Image Gift Cards. A class action lawsuit settlement will allow Gift Card holders to receive a cash refund of the remaining balance on their Sharper Image Gift Card. Even those consumers who threw out their Gift Cards can still file a claim to receive up to $100 from the Sharper Image Gift Card class action settlement.

The Sharper Image Gift Card settlement will resolve a class action lawsuit filed in Bankruptcy Court after Sharper Image filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008. On June 8, 2011, the Bankruptcy Court approved a process that will allow Sharper Image Gift Card holders with outstanding balances to receive a distribution from the TSIC (f/k/a Sharper Image Corporation) bankruptcy estate.

The Sharper Image Gift Card class action settlement will allow anyone who has or had a Sharper Image Gift Card with an outstanding balance to submit a claim to receive payment for the outstanding balance of the card, as long as the balance does not exceed $2,245. If you can, you should submit a copy of the front and back of your Gift Card with the claim form. However, if you do not have a copy of your Gift Card, you are still eligible to file a claim form. Claim forms submitted without a copy of the Gift Card, however, will be set aside until distributions are made to holders of Gift Card claims who presented copies of their Gift Card. If any money remains, those who submitted claims without copies of their Gift Cards will receive a pro rated share of the remaining settlement funds, but will be limited to receiving no more than $100. Distributions that total less than $10 will not be made.

The deadline to submit your claim under the Sharper Image Gift Card Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is September 1, 2011. Claim forms can be downloaded and submitted online to www.SharperImageGiftCards.com.

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