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I love new technology. The earlier the better is what I say. Every product that you are using from a search engine to your laptop has been first put out to a few select people to test. These people are known as Beta Testers. I currently am writing this on a CR-48 laptop which was the first Chomebooks from Google. Google sent out these laptops for free from a sign up program last December. The laptop is now available in a version from Samsung and Acer.  Other products im currently testing are Google+(Google’s replacement for Facebook) and Spotify (the amazing music service from Europe) which are by invite only. Now you don’t have to be a techno wiz to participate, many companies have testing programs that are free to sign up and enable you to be on the cutting edge. All the companies ask in return is to be prepared to have a few bugs in what you are testing and provide feedback to the developers.

Here are just a few places where you can sign up to be a tester :




Companies look for a diverse criteria when selecting testers so just because you aren’t picked for one test does not mean you will not be picked for a different one.

So feel free to sign up. It’s Fun It’s Free and You Will Be on the Cutting Edge!


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Head on over here to receive a free sample of Invisible Glass cleaner.

Invisible glass image

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Oscar Mayer has a unique Facebook promotion going on right now! If you install the TASTE-a-MONIALS app on Facebook and give your thoughts on Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, you will receive a coupon. Currently, the coupon’s value is $3.00 off! And, as more and more people give their TASTE-a-MONIAL, the value of the coupon will increase so we may potentially receive a FREE Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs coupon! (If there are 60,000 reviews, we will get FREE coupons!) To get in on this fun promotion, go HERE to “like” Oscar Mayer TASTE-a-MONIALS on Facebook. Then, click the “Hot Dogs TASTE-a-MONIALS” category. Fill in your review and give your mailing address. A coupon will be sent to you after the program ends on August 15th or beforehand if 60,000 reviews are received. This is a fun and unique way in which to “earn” a free product 🙂



Thanks AddictedtoSaving.com

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A week ago on the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page, they gave away 500 prize packs for lucky fans. I was one of the lucky fans!!!! It is a wonderful prize pack that I value around $30.

This is what was included:

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Fantastik Cleaning spray

Scrubby toy

and toilet bowl cleaner.

I believe that they will be giving away more samples so check them out on facebook here.


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House PARTY!!!

Towards the end of June, Dale found out that he was selected to host a Budweiser House Party!!!!   Dale signed up for parties at houseparty.com and was selected! This is what we got:

3 large Budweiser T-Shirts

24 Can Cozies

a Budweiser Beach Ball


1 Bottle of Budweiser BBQ Sauce

1 Budweiser Plater

1 Budweiser Red Apron

24 Budweiser Cups

a $10 Gift Card

Coupons (Lots of Coupons)

and a $30 Rebate form.

On July 3, 2011 we hosted the party. All the guests brought stuff to compliment the BBQ: Potato Salad, buns, and chips. We supplied the beer, pop, hamburgers, and hot dogs. It was a roaring success. We even gave away parting gifts! I think we spent about $30 total for the hamburger, charcoal, and other supplies.

Houseparty.com is always looking for more participants to host parties, so sign up today!

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