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Coupon Radar

Coupons are everywhere. No longer are they simply resigned to the Sunday Paper. One of my favorite places to find coupons is at the store I am shopping at. Store coupons and manufacturer coupons at the store are nothing new but the key is how to use them. Lets go over the type of coupons available:


  • Store Coupons-These will most often come in the weekly circular and can only be used at the store that is issuing them. The key to remember on these coupons is that they can be stacked(used with) a manufacturer coupon so this type of coupon is great for getting the most savings out of your clipped coupons. Another place to find store coupons is in store issued Monthly and Seasonal saving books, these are normally found next to the weekly circular and have coupons that last for several weeks or months so if you shop at one store on a regular basis these can also be saved until a great sale comes along for even more savings!
  •  Coupon Dispensers-These handy little machines are basically dispensing free money. They are found hanging by the products the coupons are for. These are manufacturers coupons so feel free to take a few and save them up. These have longer expiration dates than a store coupon so they can be stockpiled in your coupon collection and used when the time is right to get the best deal.
  • Peelies aka Tear Off Coupons-These are coupons the are actually attached to the product that they are meant for. The manufacturer attaches these savings but that doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to detach and save for later just like the coupon dispensers. A recent trip to Kmart had a $2.00 off coupon attached to a bottle of Ocean Potion sun block that was $9.99. After tearing off and looking at the coupon it was for any product that Ocean Potion Makes. They have a face sun block for $3.99 so after the coupon it was $1.99.

With all three types of these coupons it is important to always be looking around as you are shopping because you never know where Coupons will turn up!

Happy Savings!


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Review Books

I love to read. The more, the better. Just last month, I found an awesome site called bookrooster.com. You select which genres of books that you would like to read and then your name and your email address. For me, about once a week I get an email from bookrooster giving me a brief description of the book and then a link to sign up to review it. If I am chosen to review the book, I get a free kindle edition. I then review the book and write what I liked and what I didn’t like on amazon.com. Then, once a month, bookrooster will giveaway a grand prize of a new kindle and $25 amazon gift cards for those reviewers who were selected.

Last month, I got to review two new books. One I absolutely loved and the other one needed some work. I did not get chosen for the kindle nor did I receive a $25 gift card to amazon. However, I did get to read two brand new books. In the end, I think it is a good trade off 🙂


Below is the link to the book that I loved! It was a fast paced thriller that dealt with espionage and intrigue! I likened it to the movie “Salt”. It was so hard to put it down.


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I have firmly believed that if you don’t have a goal, you will not get to the place you want to be. I liken it to having a road trip with no map and no destination. Of course, it will be fun at first, but then you will need to have some sort of direction or you will be spinning your wheels. So here are our goals:

1. We would like to pay off the house in ten years. We have had the house for two years. This year we would like to apply $1000 extra to the principle of the mortgage and increase it at least $250 every year there after. I am taking into account raises that we will hopefully get every year (fingers crossed) and us paying our last two credit cards off.

2. We would like to pay cash for our next car. My beloved Suzuki is 200 miles shy of turning over at 95,000. I am not sure how much longer the Suzuki will last, but it is paid for and I think I can get another two to three years out of it.

3. We love to travel, but it has to be done cheaply. Maybe a cruise or another week in Europe.

4. My student loan is a huge portion of our cash. My goal is to pay at least $600 a month towards it. One day it will be paid off, one day!

There you have it, our four goals. I will update you later on where we stand on all the goals monthly 🙂

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Cutting the Cord

In May 2011, I decided to quit my stressful job. We knew that we would be hurting for money and we would need to cut back on some expenses. Funny how life throws you a curve ball and how you decide to handle what is important in your life.

We had NPG cable, we had a bundle package: Internet, Cable (with a DVR), and a home landline phone. All of this for $140 a month. Not too shabby, but still an expense that we thought we could get cheaper.

Since we had cell phones, we really didn’t need the landline phone, so that could go. Did we really need a DVR? Not really, it was nice, but not needed and we really weren’t using it. The internet, though, we needed for Dale’s work.

Dale began to look into alternatives. We decided that we would keep the internet with NPG cable for $51 a month. Dale found netflix.com and we got the one DVD mailed and streaming on the internet for $8.99 a month. (Just this week, Netflix announced that it would seperate the DVD mailers and streaming online. Each service is now $7.99, almost doubling what we had been paying. We have decided to just go for the streaming over the internet and save money.)

Then Dale found hulu plus, you can find out more here, this is an internet streaming website that shows current shows from NBC, FOX, Comedy Central, CBS, and others. This costs $8.99 a month. We use this as our DVR. The shows have all of the seasons and will be available the next day after they show. This is a great savings, since NPG was charging us $9 a month for the DVR.

When we bought the house, it came with a huge antenna. We called a local television repair company, Alpine Communications, and they came out and hooked up this huge antenna. Now, we get over 30 channels just from the antenna! It cost us $89 for Alpine Communications to hook up the antenna to every room.

A problem arises. We do not have an internet capable TV. Dale found the Roku Box. To find out more about the Roku box click here. The Roku box has three options, the base model for $59.99 all the way up to $79.99. We went with the $79.99 box. You hook up the Roku box to the internet (either wired or wireless) and then to your TV. You will then be able to stream netflix and huluplus to your TV. The Roku box also has its own free programming, like news, weather, amazon, NASA, etc.

All total, we spent $169 to cut the cable. Now we spend $51 for internet, $8.99 for Netflix and $8.99 for hulu plus. A savings of $71.02 a month!!!! That is a credit card payment for us!

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Who We Are

Greetings and thank you for stopping by our blog. We live in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona, in the heart of the Mohave Desert! We love to save money, get free products, and get FREE MONEY! Through this blog, we will be able to show you exactly how we get the free cash, the free products, and how to save money.

Dale works from home and Jen works with parents to develop their childrens brains. Jen recently went from making $42,000 a year and being miserable to making $15,000 a year and loving life. To make up that income difference, Jen and Dale have had to cut back expenses, use coupons, get free samples, and FREE Money. So far so good.

Please join us on this journey!

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