In May 2011, I decided to quit my stressful job. We knew that we would be hurting for money and we would need to cut back on some expenses. Funny how life throws you a curve ball and how you decide to handle what is important in your life.

We had NPG cable, we had a bundle package: Internet, Cable (with a DVR), and a home landline phone. All of this for $140 a month. Not too shabby, but still an expense that we thought we could get cheaper.

Since we had cell phones, we really didn’t need the landline phone, so that could go. Did we really need a DVR? Not really, it was nice, but not needed and we really weren’t using it. The internet, though, we needed for Dale’s work.

Dale began to look into alternatives. We decided that we would keep the internet with NPG cable for $51 a month. Dale found netflix.com and we got the one DVD mailed and streaming on the internet for $8.99 a month. (Just this week, Netflix announced that it would seperate the DVD mailers and streaming online. Each service is now $7.99, almost doubling what we had been paying. We have decided to just go for the streaming over the internet and save money.)

Then Dale found hulu plus, you can find out more here, this is an internet streaming website that shows current shows from NBC, FOX, Comedy Central, CBS, and others. This costs $8.99 a month. We use this as our DVR. The shows have all of the seasons and will be available the next day after they show. This is a great savings, since NPG was charging us $9 a month for the DVR.

When we bought the house, it came with a huge antenna. We called a local television repair company, Alpine Communications, and they came out and hooked up this huge antenna. Now, we get over 30 channels just from the antenna! It cost us $89 for Alpine Communications to hook up the antenna to every room.

A problem arises. We do not have an internet capable TV. Dale found the Roku Box. To find out more about the Roku box click here. The Roku box has three options, the base model for $59.99 all the way up to $79.99. We went with the $79.99 box. You hook up the Roku box to the internet (either wired or wireless) and then to your TV. You will then be able to stream netflix and huluplus to your TV. The Roku box also has its own free programming, like news, weather, amazon, NASA, etc.

All total, we spent $169 to cut the cable. Now we spend $51 for internet, $8.99 for Netflix and $8.99 for hulu plus. A savings of $71.02 a month!!!! That is a credit card payment for us!


A week ago on the Scrubbing Bubbles Facebook page, they gave away 500 prize packs for lucky fans. I was one of the lucky fans!!!! It is a wonderful prize pack that I value around $30.

This is what was included:

Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner

Fantastik Cleaning spray

Scrubby toy

and toilet bowl cleaner.

I believe that they will be giving away more samples so check them out on facebook here.


Towards the end of June, Dale found out that he was selected to host a Budweiser House Party!!!!   Dale signed up for parties at houseparty.com and was selected! This is what we got:

3 large Budweiser T-Shirts

24 Can Cozies

a Budweiser Beach Ball


1 Bottle of Budweiser BBQ Sauce

1 Budweiser Plater

1 Budweiser Red Apron

24 Budweiser Cups

a $10 Gift Card

Coupons (Lots of Coupons)

and a $30 Rebate form.

On July 3, 2011 we hosted the party. All the guests brought stuff to compliment the BBQ: Potato Salad, buns, and chips. We supplied the beer, pop, hamburgers, and hot dogs. It was a roaring success. We even gave away parting gifts! I think we spent about $30 total for the hamburger, charcoal, and other supplies.

Houseparty.com is always looking for more participants to host parties, so sign up today!

Who We Are

Greetings and thank you for stopping by our blog. We live in beautiful Lake Havasu City, Arizona, in the heart of the Mohave Desert! We love to save money, get free products, and get FREE MONEY! Through this blog, we will be able to show you exactly how we get the free cash, the free products, and how to save money.

Dale works from home and Jen works with parents to develop their childrens brains. Jen recently went from making $42,000 a year and being miserable to making $15,000 a year and loving life. To make up that income difference, Jen and Dale have had to cut back expenses, use coupons, get free samples, and FREE Money. So far so good.

Please join us on this journey!